Sites for earning Bitcoins in manual mode,without financial cost.

 Last updated: 27.03.2015



Super-new for 2015,the website becomes the leader of our rating and is the most profitable tap for today. 

You have two attempts to times in ten minutes to win from 20 to 200000 Satoshi

1) To register, enter your account number and click: SIGN IN

2) To start the game and press:   SELECT BOX 

3) You will see several chests of Bitcoins inside,click on any trunk,if your wins seemed small,use a second attempt, and then press:   TRY SECOND CHANCE    If your wins brought enough money,click:  TAKE satoshi  

4) After completion of the press: NEXT 

Enter the captcha and click on the button:  GET REWARD  

Payments: every Sunday,automatically.

















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